There's a lot to see in Shetland. From bird watching to the northern lights, staying in Abateg self-catering you're within distance of it all.

Getting Around

For full transport information you can check for up-to-date flight, ferry and bus information. You may also find the links below useful in planning your stay:

The Northern Lights

We can't guarantee you will see the northern lights but during the winter months, there is every chance to catch a glimpse of this stunning display. In Shetland we call them the Mirrie Dancers and the clear skies around Abateg self-catering with hardly any light polution make this the perfect place to go aurora hunting.


Lerwick is only 10 minutes away and provides a range of attractions including museums, shopping, the harbour and transport links to the rest of the islands.

Tingwall Airport

Tingwall Airport is only 1 mile away and provides flights to Fair Isle, Papa Stour, Skerries and Foula.


Scalloway is only 6 miles away and is the old capital of Shetland. It has it's own castle, museum and a picturesque marina.

South Mainland

The south mainland of Shetland has many areas and attractions to explore. St Ninians Isle is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Shetland with it's memorable and scenic tombolo sands. On a nice day you can spend hours relaxing on the beach or exploring the island.

There's also plenty of Shetland Ponies to be seen at various locations over the islands.

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